Report From The Disabled Hockey Festival

Shfprofile%28redreverse%29 The Sled Hockey Foundation on Apr 11, 2015 | Game Highlights

The 11th Annual Disabled Hockey Festival is underway at the Northtown Center in Buffalo, New York!

It is a wondrous sight to watch disabled athletes from all over the country assemble for three days of ice hockey competition at the largest disabled hockey festival ever held.  Over 70 teams and 1,000 athletes are celebrating ice hockey and the compelling camaraderie found at the Festival!

The Sled Hockey Foundation is here and hosted a reception last night for people interested in its important mission and the commencement of the Festival.  It was exciting to see so many people coming to support the athletes. 

It is inspiring to hear the excited voices of the hockey players as they move about the rink, going to or from games, thrilled by the immensity of the event and their part in it.   

This is awesome!


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