The Sled Hockey Foundation Partners with the Wounded Warrior Project at HarborCenter

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The Sled Hockey Foundation (SHF) partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project for a second time in two months to conduct a Just Try It event for eight wounded warriors and their wives on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at HarborCenter.

This two-hour event was planned by Allan O’Keefe, a combat stress recovery specialist, with an emphasis on promoting and exercising the unique partnerships that exist between a wounded veteran and their spouse, the primary care giver.  A series of activities were conducted on the ice to both challenge the couples, but also to provide a unique way to simply enjoy each other in a new setting.

Norm Page, SHF Board President, and Steve Wischmann, the SHF’s Acting Executive Director, were on the ice to assist and to ensure that all the participants were comfortable in their sleds and gear.  The event went without a hitch and everyone enjoyed their time on the ice.

Allan O’Keefe commented, “This is really a highlight of our week here in Buffalo. These guys didn’t know what to expect in getting in the ice hockey sleds but they sure are enjoying the experience and being with their wives.”

The SHF and The Wounded Warrior Project will continue their work together in providing unique recreational and therapeutic events incorporating sled hockey experiences.



Allan O’Keefe instructs the wounded warriors and their spouses


Warrior couples enjoy the ice


Steve Wischmann watches a warrior couple take a shot on net

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