Sled Hockey 101

Sled Hockey Basics

In this comprehensive instructional video, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of everything you need to know about the sport of sled hockey, directly from our very own Norm Page. Whether you're interested in playing, coaching, or starting a program, this is an essential starting point for sled hockey education. With over an hour of detailed instruction, commentary, and demonstrations, you'll learn everything from choosing the right equipment to technique and game rules.

Official Sled Hockey Rules

The Official Rules of Sled Hockey, contains all sled hockey specific rules that are not covered in the Official Rules of Ice Hockey.
The Disabled Hockey Section will approve all playing rules at the USA Hockey annual meetings, just prior to the applicable playing season. Any changes to the Official Rules of Sled Hockey must be submitted to the chair of the Disabled Hockey Section by April 1 to be considered by the Disabled Hockey Section.

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