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Sled Lending Program

The USA Disabled Hockey Section has a great program, called the One Kid . . .One Sled . . .One Shot. . .A Hockey Player for Life! Program that is designed to help bring new players into the sport of sled hockey by initiating a loaner sled program for rinks and organizations who want to conduct “Learn to Play Sled Hockey” clinics but were prevented from doing so due to the lack of sleds and sticks needed to conduct such introductory clinics.

The One Kid . . .One Sled . . .One Shot. . .A Hockey Player for Life! Program is easy to implement. If your rink or organization would like to conduct a “Learn to Play Sled Hockey” clinic, simply fill out the request form located below and submit. Applications will be determined on a first come-first serve basis. The sleds and sticks will be shipped directly to the rink you are conducting the clinic at three days before the date of the clinic. You are then required to ship the sleds back within three days after the conclusion of the clinic. All shipping charges will be paid by USA Hockey. It’s that simple!

This new One Kid . . .One Sled . . .One Shot. . .A Hockey Player for Life! Program will allow your rink or organization to open the doors to a whole new market of potential sled players. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and start a sled program within your rink or organization today!


Sled Grant Program

USA Hockey and the USA Hockey Foundation is offering a sled grant program to assist new start-up sled programs. The purpose of this grant is to help with the initial costs of getting a new sled program off the ground and to ease some of the initial financial burden by providing five (5) new sleds to a participating program

It is quite easy to qualify for this program. Applicants must submit a Sled Grant Application Form (below), the new sled program must be in its first year of operation and a financial statement and/or budget must accompany the application.

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Equipment Retailers

Sled hockey has a small variety of equipment suppliers to provide the sleds, sticks, and pics that are unique to sled hockey. All other hockey equipment that is necessary such as helmets, gloves etc. can be bought from any other normal hockey equipment supplier. To purchase sled hockey gear or to learn more about equipment options, visit these two great manufacturers and retailer:

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